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Our history

Siber Special Projects began its inception at the increasing demand for custom projects of the clients of our parent company – Siber Façade Group. With the ever-increasing demand for custom projects and making the impossible – possible, Siber Special Projects procures the highest quality products sourced from across the globe, uses an in-house 3D printer and has its own manufacturing facilities in order to meet and exceed these challenges. At the heart of our business is the passion to create and deliver different custom projects and highest customer satisfaction every time.

Our Vision

To be the preferred glazing solutions provider for high-end residential projects on the West Coast of North America.

Our Mission

To be the leading high-end residential glazing supplier and installer by sourcing the most innovative products on the market and developing our own solutions to challenges when not readily available.

What we do

meeting challenges

We have a passion working on the challenges that our clients present us as that’s where the creative thinking occurs that drives the innovation of the industry. In order for us to be able to execute some of the innovative ideas that are involved in our projects, we use an in-house 3D-Printer to save time and increase efficiency in our design executions and use our very own extrusion facilities to manufacture.


Why we do it

our goal

We enjoy the process of working with architects and builders as they are the creative designers and executors of these one of a kind projects. However, it’s the end clients that make all these showpieces possible and we are always ecstatic to be able to deliver their dream home in the way that it was intended.

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