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With todays modern designs, aluminum curtain wall is the ideal solution to create large continuous fixed glass windows. Ponzio WS50 aluminum curtain wall is thermally broken and can accommodate triple pane glass to ensure interior comfort. Additional options such as silicone glazing, allow builders and architects the ability to create an “all glass” aesthetic look.



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WS50 Capped​

The PONZIO WS50 Capped Curtain Wall is a special system that offers unlimited and creative freedom; it’s designed to follow any architectural requirement and is an excellent choice for low- to mid-rise commercial or residential applications. The System is engineered with a thermal break, utilizes a slim pressure plate and introduces a multitude of choices for beauty cap and finishes. Ponzio SSG Curtain Wall delivers the desired narrow 2” sightline important on many modern structures, whether commercial or residential, and packaged with performance levels and options expected of a quality curtain wall system.


curtain wall


Ponzio WS50 SSG Curtain Wall allows you to create structured glass walls (or panels) of any shape, size and colour, with no limits to creativity and design.The curtain wall, designed to be easily installed and integrated with all Ponzio systems with a casement opening, is composed of a mullion and a transom, gaskets for glass, spacers and double glazing pressure plate and cap. It is also possible to apply any photovoltaic panels on the curtain wall, in order to get a considerable energy conservation and a great comfort in summer and in winter time. It also shelters the buildings from Vancouver’s inclemental weather conditions. Ponzio curtain wall is available in all our anodised (Starox, Velvet, Brazed) and powder-coated finishes.


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