Combining German technology & Italian design

Apexfine windows are characterized by big sliding glass walls realized with minimal aluminium profiles. Thanks to its almost invisible profile and minimum intrusion, the large scale Apexfine sliding doors and windows guarantee solutions where visibility is the prime objective. 

Apexfine windows represent an innovative architectural style able to adapt perfectly to all modern interior designs. The combination between maximizing visibility and minimizing frame components is what characterizes this state of the art system. With its invisible wings & frames and middle joint measuring a mere 3/4 inch, ApexFine frees your living spaces from visual obstructions. Whether manual or motorized, the quiet & fluid movement of the ApexFine speaks excellence, beauty and sophistication. Closing and locking systems are guaranteed by a completely automatic electro-mechanical system.

With its wide range of solutions, ApexFine will be able to accommodate your structure’s necessities while achieving your aspired design.


▬ NAFS tested
▬ Drop Bolt locking mechanism located in the header of the system
▬ Independent track system allows for the use of multiple tracks and only one vertical mullion in the wall
▬ 23mm Center Opening mullions, achievable only with the drop bolt mechanism
▬ Manual Operation up to 1000lb
▬ Optional motorized opening

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