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Sliding Glass Doors


Sliding Glass Doors

Bring the outside in

Sliding glass doors are the solution for creating large open spans while meeting all the performance demands of today’s market. They provide unmatched drainage performance due to having larger sills and can accommodate weight of up to 1000 lbs per sash. With a “slim” interlock option, sight lights can be narrowed down to only 48mm, expending your view and minimizing any obstructions.



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SL1600 TT

The SL1600 TT is Ponzio’s solution to modern aluminum lift and slide doors. The SL1600 TT is a highly insulated glass sliding door system that meets the highest requirements regarding insulation, stability and safety. Since these sliding doors have optimum sealing, they are one of the most energy efficient sliding glass door solutions, perfect for the Vancouver, Burnaby climate. Your heat or cooling will not escaping and you will be saving on energy costs.

The SL1600 TT Lift and Slide Doors is a robust system. It allows the construction of large and stable sliding windows and doors with a panel weight of up to 900 lbs and offers an optional aesthetic slimline middle section of 50mm. Lift and slide patio doors come with advanced gearing and hardware. This means that even the heaviest doors are remarkably easy to lift, slide and close. A single-action handle easily lifts the sliding door up from its airtight/watertight position and then slide with ease on rollers along the track. Returning handle to its original position lowers door and engages the airtight/watertight seal.

It is available with various opening possibilities and the low threshold option offers a solution to improve the buildings accessibility. With over 300 colour options to choose from, the SL1600TT glass sliding doors will easily match any surrounding.

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